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IT Center

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The PKRU Information Technology (IT) Center was founded in 1997 by the policies and plans of the Ministry of Education. When the IT Center was established in the first phase, it was named as a "Computer Center" and received many supports from the Ministry of Education for the supply of equipment, including computers and the Internet provided by UniNet. There were 80 computers with 1 Mbps Internet access in the computer laboratory located on the 3rd floor of Building 4. Initially, there was only one computer laboratory and it was mainly used by PKRU students, who enrolled for two main General education courses: Information Technology for Life and Information Technology for Learning.


  • 2001: The Computer Center moved from 3rd to 4th floor of Building 7 with two computer laboratories: Room 721 (60 computers) and Room 722 (20 computers). There were two only two IT officers responsible for looking after the computers and managing the network connection in the computer laboratories. The Internet connection expanded to other faculties and offices of the University. .
  • 2002: The Computer Center provided Internet and computer services during and outside office hours for students, who wanted to search for information on the Internet and practice their Internet and software skills. .
  • 2005: The Computer Center introduced a system that supported online teaching resulted in a recruitment of more administrative staff for developing online teaching materials. A new computer laboratory 731 containing 40 computers was built, so there were three computer laboratories for students who want to learn the lessons of online courses in total. In the same year, the Computer Center was renamed as the Information Technology Center (ITC) under the responsibility of ARIT.
  • 2006: The ITC increased the Internet bandwidth from 1 Mbps to 4 Mbps. A new computer laboratory of 80 computers with Internet connection and a 42-inch TV was built on the 1st floor of Building 7. The new computer laboratory began serving PKRU students during and outside office hours on February 14, 2007.

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  • 2007: The ITC had a 20 Mbps Internet leased line from CAT as a backup link instead on relying on UniNet alone.
  • 2008: The ITC increased its leased line rented from CAT Telecom from 20 Mbps to 50 Mbps.
  • 2009: The ITC expanded the Internet bandwidth rented from CAT Telecom from 4 Mbps to 1 Gbps.
  • 2010: The ITC implemented VoIP technology in the Center. There was a significant improvement of the University Fiber Optic Network from 100Mbps to 1Gbps together with the establishment of a monitoring system. Also, several authentication techniques (e.g., Centralized Log Server, Single Sign On, etc.) were also implemented for the use of the MIS. There were significant upgrades on computer and network hardware. For example, the Network Core Switch was upgraded to a Layer 3 Gigabit and 4 GB RAMs were added to all network servers.
  • 2011: The ITC extended the university wired Internet infrastructure to new buildings, such as the Convention Center, Building 12 and Building 13. The Internet Infrastructure was also extended to other old buildings. A wireless Internet was also implemented within the campus using a centralized control system. There were 12 wireless access points in total. Besides, the ITC developed a special channel for the PKRU's proactive public relations (e.g., promoting IT and language training for religious leaders in Phuket).
  • 2012: The ITC enhanced several signaling systems for the PKRU's proactive public relations to be more effective. The internal TV distribution channel was also introduced. The ICT installed a central device management system for controlling and monitoring both wired and wireless signals with in the campus. Several systems supporting academic affairs were developed (e.g., online course syllabus, online student information report, etc.).