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Central Library



PKRU Central Library, one of the ARIT four major divisions, has long been together with PKRU since when PKRU was initially recognised as Phuket Teachers College launching Diploma of Education in the first semester of 2515 BE (1972 AD). The library was similar to a book storeroom located in a temporary building workshop on the ground floor. There were about 2,000 copies in the library at that time. After that, the library moved to an area of about four classrooms located on the first floor of Building 1 in the second semester.
The library received 3.45 million baht budget for a new library building project in 2517 BE (1974 AD), but there were significant problems in construction due to being the old land mine area. As such, the project was terminated until 2522 BE (1979 AD) when a new 4.9 million baht budget for a new library in a new area was proposed, and the contract was completed in September 2523 BE (1980 AD). The new library was open on November 10, 2532, BE (1989 AD).