PKRU promotes Thai culture in ‘Rajabhat Wattana Kawee Keetasil 2020’ event

pkru arts culture 14 feb 2020
On February 14th 2020, the Art and Culture Office, of Phuket Rajabhat University, held an annual event called ‘Rajabhat Wattana Kawee Keetasil 2020’. The objectives of this event were to promote, conserve, and convey local art and culture to the university students, staff and locals. Moreover, it gave them opportunities to show their abilities as well as to participate in local art and culture conservation. The opening ceremony of the event was presided over by Asst. Prof. Dr. Hiran Prasarnkarn, the President of the university. University executives and honorable guests attended the event, including Dr. Rajarot Panyaboon, the Director of PKRU Art and Culture Office; Mr. Komat Pankerd, Head of Phuket Cultural Office; university staff, students, and locals.
Asst. Prof. Dr. Hiran Prasarnkarn, the President of the university, stated that “Phuket is an important province in Thailand and South East Asia. The island has been a valuable resource for tourism development strategy of the country for so long. It is well renowned as the island is not only rich in abundant natural resources and fascinating sceneries, it is also a nest to art and culture reflecting through unique lifestyles of people and traditions. This is definitely a tourism resource that attracts people from all over the world to spend their vacations on the island. PKRU as a university for local development, realizes that Phuket is the best location for tourism in Andaman region, therefore the university has been working with other organizations on promoting and conserving Andaman art and culture, as well as promoting them in national and international levels. We, as the heirs of our ancestors, have to work together to conserve this art and culture so that our descendants can continue the conservation onwards.”
In the event, there were various activities including local art and culture exhibitions and photo taking points set around the areas. The stage activities consisted of PKRU Cultural Ambassador Contest, at primary school and university levels; Manora Performances from Kru Kai or Mr. Pornsak Uppakarndee; and sing and talk shows performed by Ko Khai or Mr. Jumpon Thongton. Both of these entertainers were awarded the 2nd Pet Andaman Award from PKRU.