‘Phuket Spa after COVID’ - PKRU and PPPHO presents the New Normal of Spa Service

  • Jun 01, 2020
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spa phuket after covid 19 may 2020
(PR PKRU) On 26th May 2020, the Research and Development Institute at Phuket Rajabhat University (PKRU), together with Phuket Provincial Public Health Office (PPPHO) and Phuket Spa for Health Association, hosted training for spa and massage entrepreneurs on the island about COVID–19 prevention, at the conference room on 5th floor of PPPHO. The opening of the training was presided over by Mr. Pichet Panapong, the Deputy Governor of Phuket, with representatives from PKRU and PPPHO including Asst. Prof. Dr. Hiran Prasarnkan, the President of the university; Asst. Prof. Dr. Duangrat Koikitcharoen, the Vice President in Research and Planning; Dr. Thanit Sermkaew, Head of PPPHO; and professional staff. The instructors in this training were Mr. Akarin Warittikorn, the Pharmacist Professional Level of PPPHO; and Dr. Phuttiporn Aksornpairoj, the specialist in spa business study and Agricultural Technology at PKRU.     
Asst. Prof. Duangrat said that “The integrative operation of the university and the local public health organization started from participation in the MOU between the two parties. Besides that, the outbreak of COVID–19 has directly affected spa and massage businesses and closed their services. In order to prepare these entrepreneurs for the ‘New Normal’ of providing services in the near future, the university therefore hosted this training for the spa and massage personnel in Phuket. The training focused on the Physical Distancing protocol for the spa personnel and the customers, the disease control measures, and proper and efficient guidelines to reduce the outbreak, in 5 aspects including: services, products, tools and equipment, organization management, plus location and environment. This academic service is one of the missions, in which the university serves the local community, by a team of researchers conducting a study on spas with the government and private sectors. The aim of the training was to promote trust and a good image of the spas in Phuket, as well as to maintain, sustainably, its reputation as a leading international spa and wellness service provider.”