PKRU Hosts 3rd National Political Science and Public Administration Conference

  • Feb 08, 2020
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pkru democracy disruption feb 2020
On February 6th 2020, the Public Administration Program in the Faculty of Humanity and Social Sciences, Phuket Rajabhat University, hosted the 3rd National Political Science and Public Administration Conference at its Khun Lert Pokharak Room, Andaman Pannarai Conference Center. The conference was presided over by Mr. Pichet Panapong, the Deputy Governor of Phuket, with Assoc. Prof. Soranit Sildharm, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, Asst. Prof. Dr. Hiran Prasarnkarn, the President of Phuket Rajabhat University, Mr. Teerapong Noochaikaew, the Dean of the Faculty of Humanity and Social Science, and attended by executives, staff and students from Rajabhat Universities including Chiang Rai, Songkhla, Nakhon Sri Thammarat, Yala, and Phuket.
In the event, Assoc. Prof. Soranit gave a speech titled ‘Thai State Administration in Disruption Age’ and Prof. Dr. AmpornThamronglak, from the Faculty of Political Science at Thammasat University, conducted a special discussion on ‘Public Service Innovation in Digital Age’. The conference also presented research and studies in graduate school level from Southern Rajabhat University research network and a higher education level academic quiz competition. 
Asst. Prof. Dr. Hiran Prasarnkarn, the President of the university stated that: “The paradigm shift in public administration has been generated by several factors e.g. economy, society, political systems, and administrative systems that are related and connected worldwide; this extensively and rapidly affects citizens. Therefore, the public sector needs to review its roles and responsibilities as well as improve its services in order to efficiently figure out the right solutions to escalating and complicated challenges in time, without deteriorating the capability to be in the current globalization.
Changes are unavoidable and we need to confront them. Yet the question is how will we confront them and at the same time develop our organizations in the age of disruption? To survive, we should focus on the principles of initiation, improvement, adjustment, flexibility, and creativity. The executives need to adjust their visions, change for progressive growth of the organizations in the age of disruption and promote innovations as part of the organizations. These changes seem to be unfamiliar and challenging, yet they lead to development; and we will definitely learn more from mistakes.”
The Public Administration Program, at Phuket Rajabhat University, realized the aforementioned and consequently hosted this conference with the intention to activate and alert related sectors for upcoming opportunities and challenges; especially the administration of Thai government organizations that need to be adjusted following rapidly changing contexts, both in national and global levels, since many organizations are facing the effects caused by digital disruption that changes lifestyles of people in terms of society, economy, politics, as well as urbanization. This is not limited to particular areas but has been spreading in wider areas and changing people’s way of life.    
The main objectives of this conference were to provide opportunities for academics, researchers, university lecturers, teachers, students and attendants, from both private and public sectors, to present their research or studies, to promote the researching capacity of the Rajabhat University network and other universities that directly benefit development in local and national scales, to enhance skills and academic strengths of the students in Political Science, Public Administration and other social science programs related to local, regional, national and international changes.