PKRU EXPERTS: Asst. Prof. Dr. Khan Payungphan, the artist behind Identity of Phuket wall art at Intercontinental Phuket Resort

  • Mar 02, 2020
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PKRU EXPERTS would like to present a talented artist, Asst. Prof. Dr. Khan Payungphan, a lecturer in Visual Art Program, Faculty of Social Science and Humanity at Phuket Rajabhat University, who created a unique wall art in the passage-tunnel in Intercontinental Phuket Resort on Kamala beach.  It is well-known that the role of the university is not only to serve knowledge and academic services for government organizations, local people and communities, but also to coordinate with the private sector. It is a good opportunity to show abilities of the university staff and students to the public, especially aesthetic creations inspired by local art and culture, which the university has been paying attention to and supporting at its best.
The coordination between the Intercontinental Phuket Resort and Visual Art Program began with a discussion between the executives of Phuket Province and the resort to choose Asst. Prof. Dr. Khan Payungphan, who has exceptional academic works and experiences in local inspired visual art design to create wall art in the public zone of the resort, which is opened for locals and tourists to visit.
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Asst. Prof. Dr. Khan told us about his work: “The resort wanted a wall painting that represented the identity of Phuket with the content that was easy to understand. Therefore, I decided to create a realistic art work with compositions that drew the audience to different feelings and fun. This work is a collage art presenting Phuket local cuisine, local way of life, art and culture, architecture, tourist attractions, and landscape of the island. There is no border between each content to allow the audience to see the whole story of the island. The colourful acrylic paint, with not too much contrast, is easy on the eyes so the audience could pay attention to the work for longer. This matches with the intention of the hotel executives in creating art work for aesthetics. It can say that the colourful shades and the content, presented through the pictures of people, objects, and places in this work, can easily draw attention of the audience without having to stop and focus at it, as well as giving value to this place, since it could send a message to the audience via this painting. Moreover, this place is the Check-In point for people who love photo taking. While working on this painting, I gave opportunities to my visual art students to help with the work by drawing and colouring it. It took 3 months to finish this 2.5 m. high and 120 m. long wall art. Knowledge, problems, conditions, and working steps of this work were part of the Visual Art Management for Tourism course that give students opportunities to work for the local community.” 
Ajarn Khan also mentioned about supporting art graduates, to meet the needs of the local workforce market, that artistic working in real locations would enhance students’ skills in coordination, analysing the needs of employers, estimating budget, duration, and figuring out solutions to arising limitations. So far, there are many students who get paid by creating wall paintings and street art for restaurants and hotels on the island. Additionally, our program focuses on supporting students to create their work with local identity. It is the application of knowledge to real-life careers in different levels. Community, business, or aesthetic levels define different reliance and aesthetic levels of the art works, as well as their prices and values; so the students need to learn and practice in real situations.     
The expertise of Ajarn Khan is passed to his students, from classroom to galleries and real locations. It is the Social Lab Learning that the university has been encouraging the lecturers to put in their lessons. Apart from helping in local development which is one of the missions of the university, this allows the students to apply what they leant and experience work in their future career paths, that will definitely prepare them for real working life. 
Any entrepreneurs or organizations who want visual art works e.g. paintings, sculptured, landscape art, or applied art; can contact the Visual Art Program, Faculty of Social Science and Humanity at Phuket Rajabhat University via 
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