‘PKRU X PPAO’ for Smart Education Strategy Design focusing on Digital DNA

  • Jun 28, 2021
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(PRPKRU Content) A challenge in the new age of education is the revolution in educational technology shifting from schools to internet and the development of digital media. This prompted Phuket Provincial Administrative Organization or PPAO to work on a better learning system and start its plan of Smart Education: PPAO.
Phuket is developing under the concept of Smart City/Smart Tourism to support the economy and quality of life on the island; another important part that must be focused on, as it is the foundation of the long-term island development, is Smart Education. PPAO, as the leader of this project, has been working with experts in education and technology to create the definition of Smart Education that corresponds with the context of this island and at the same time figure out the concrete implementation through learning activities such as Digital Coding classes that fortifies future knowledge assets, like mathematics and foreign language skills among learners.    
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In this project, Phuket Rajabhat University (PKRU) is assigned by PPAO or Phuket Provincial Administrative Organization, through Mr. Rewat Areerob, the President of PPAO and Dr. Boonsuppha Tanthai, Head of Educational Policy Section at PPAO, to form up the Smart Education: PPAO Working Committee. The committee includes Asst. Prof. Dr. Siriwan Chatmaneerungcharoen, the Dean of Faculty of Education; Mr. Teerapon Nuchaikaew, the Dean of Faculty of Social and Humanity Sciences; and Asst. Prof. Dr. Songkiat Pawadee, the lecturer at Digital Technology program, and the team of the university lecturers.    
The committee will drive the policies and strategies under this project by planning the strategies in terms of education, management, sources of knowledge in Phuket and digital technology for education. Then, the Digital Economic Promoting Agency or DEPA will be responsible for providing the action plan, launching the projects and activities for Smart Education in schools under the service of PPAO based on the vision of PPAO in fostering the leaners’ skills in educational digital technology, communication, creative thinking, living and careers (creative & design).  
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The road map for ‘Smart Education: PPAO’ consists of the action plan to: 
1. support and develop school executives, teachers and whole school in related sectors (Whole School Approach) to Smart Education;
2. educate school executives and related sectors to set the goals and development plan (School Goal), use the information system (Q-Info) to plan school management, budget, teacher career development, and student care;  
3. create the education network among the schools under PPAO with both government and private educational agencies;
4. promote school executives, leading teachers, and other teachers to design the proactive learning management focusing on Problem based Learning, STEM, Project based learning which enhances learners’ abilities in the 21st century; 
5. develop learning units based on the proactive learning scheme to be used in the learner ability promoted subjects through the classroom study and consistent support by Professional Leaning Community PLC; 
6. develop the (draft) curriculum focusing on 21st century preferred abilities based on the context of the schools;
7. develop the 21st century preferred abilities in learners focusing on problem solving and creative thinking; and
8. provide the channels for knowledge exchange between the students and Design Thinking project presentation. 
Hopefully, PPAO schools that upgrade the new firmware to Smart Education with Digital DNA in their curriculum under the support of PKRU, DEPA, and PPAO, would be successful in managing education that meets the lifestyles and futures of learners and also reforms the schools in the new age.  
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