PKRU Invents Acne Skincare from Pineapple Extract

  • Jul 07, 2021
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Special Interview with Asst. Prof. Dr. Hiran Prasarnkarn, President of Phuket Rajabhat University or PKRU
Topic: The Research and Development Project of Pineapple Extract Skincare – Acne Serum, Spot Killer, and Acne Mousse Cleanser invented and developed by a team of lecturers at PKRU, doctors, and local community under the skincare brand called ‘Saisai’. 
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Q: What is the role of PKRU? / Why was pineapple selected as the source of extract for this product development? / How was the collaboration with other sectors? 
A: The President: Apart from educational management for all levels and ages, PKRU as a local university has been working on a project called ‘Rajabhat for Local Development’ inspired by royal policy, in Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi since 2019. The results of this project were products in 19 communities of these three provinces developed by the integration of knowledge and inventions of the researchers visiting the communities to support the development of the products and to enhance the financial status of people in the communities or ‘Social Lab’, which is a combination between the instruction, research, and academic services. This is the beginning of the ‘Flagship’ project that we have been working with ‘Phuket Pineapple Community Enterprise’ to develop products in ‘Pineapple Series’ including pineapple juice and jelly, meat marinated powder, and skincare. The skincare products from pineapple extract under ‘Saisai’ brand consist of acne serum, spot killer, and acne mousse cleanser. The products were developed like the trend of the healthy and quality products. We chose to invent products from pineapple as it is the GI agricultural product of the island, famous throughout the country for their quality, size, and unique taste. Moreover, pineapple is a good source as antioxidant agents are good for skin. Consequently, the skincare product from pineapple extract would be a possible way to add value to the local agricultural products and generate more income to the local community.      
The development of ‘Saisai’ products was done by the Research and Development Institute with researchers from the Chemical Program in the Faculty of Science and Technology, working in formulas and active ingredient development; researchers from Creative Product Innovation in Faculty of Science and Technology were responsible for packaging design; Faculty of Management Science worked on cost estimation, business plan, digital marketing and content creation (Story Telling); a team from the Faculty of Agricultural Technology prepared the agricultural tourism plan and supervised the propagation, harvest, store, and transformation; finally, a team of Social Development Program in the Faculty of Humanity and Social Science launched the public hearing campaign to enhance the participation of the local residents in the project. The three skincare products in Pineapple Series were invented by chemical researchers based on the need of farmers in adding value to their pineapples, not only the fruit, but also the leaves, stem, and core of the fruit which are rich in Phenolic, an antioxidant agent good for skin in terms of acne and wrinkle prevention. These parts of pineapple were transformed to skincare products under the innovation developed by PKRU and Doctor Yutthana Onganantapong, or Dr. Youth, the famous Phuket dermatologist, and supported by distribution channels Pracharat Sammakkee Cluster. 
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PKRU is still working on local product development in the three Andaman provinces under the same scheme used for Phuket pineapple, driven by researcher and operators in several programs at the university and the collaboration from social and private sectors; with the intention to produce products to new marketplaces. This is the way we work to complete our mission in providing academic services to local community