PKRU offers Food Sci Program for Agricultural Product Value Additions

  • Jul 27, 2021
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(PRPKRU) Phuket is the first city in ASEAN certified by UNESCO as a Creative City of Gastronomy. This brings the opportunity to promote local cuisines and food products produced by new innovations on the island through Food Tourism. Phuket Rajabhat University as a local higher educational institute providing academic service to the island, offers a Food Technology Program under the Faculty of Agricultural Technology to meet the need of food development trends in Phuket. This program focuses on the instructions and implementations facilitated by the specialist lecturers in food science and technology; with standard laboratories. Local agricultural products are selected as the sample ingredients in the experiments in order to find out knowledge and technology used in local agricultural product transformation, development, quality and safety control, packaging design, and product value additions in the agricultural product market; with the intention to generate more income among farmers, government and private sectors.
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Ajarn Prasert Jariyalerpong, the Deputy Dean of the faculty, told us that the program offers students intensive theory along with the practical instructions. The students will have an opportunity to use equipment in laboratories when conducting food analysis and development such as the Spray Dryer and the Freeze Dryer used in the product transformation and development service, provided for local farmers and food entrepreneurs. The program is responsible for this service from the transformation of the material to the value-added finished products handed over to the community enterprises for further marketing. The samples of product developed by the program are Phuket Pineapple Jelly, Pineapple Meat Marinating Powder, Goat Milk Powder, Goat Milk Cream Cheese, Goat Condensed Milk, Chili Paste, Garcinia Tea, Mulberry Wine, etc. We are working through the plan of the university in presenting local food and agricultural products to generate income to local communities during the COVID–19 crisis.
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Dr. Pirinya Kritwongngam, Head of Food Technology Program, added that the beside working on food analysis and transformation in the laboratories, we led the students to the communities and let them participate in every process of food development from research, creation, to plan and experiment based on the needs told by the local entrepreneurs. We also support our students for internships in leading food factories. The future careers for the students graduated from this program includes: private sectors - food production, quality controller, food researcher in food industry or private and government food laboratories, restaurants, and hotels; government sectors – technical officer, researcher, nutritionist in education institutes, food research institutes, and hospitals; freelancer – food entrepreneur and online – food business.
For more information about the program and admission please visit or FB :
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