‘Takuapa Eye Bead’: the Sculpture Inspired by Ancient Beads at PKRU

  • Aug 17, 2021
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(PRPKRU) The Arts and Culture Center at Phuket Rajabhat University launches the new art exhibition at its sculpture garden called ‘Koh Ko Khao Ancient Treads’ inspired by the archeological site in Takua Pa, Phang Nga. This piece of art is one of the Landmark Arts in Phuket city featuring an enormous bead called ‘Takuapa Eye Bead’ surrounded by quaint beads.
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Asst. Prof. Paithoon Thongdee, the artist who created this sculpture and the Deputy Director of the Arts and Culture Center, told us that “the sculpture is inspired by an archeological site on Ko Khao Island where there is a research field of arts in the Andaman region. The area on the island is called Toong Tuek where there were plenty of ancient items found and they gave us a clue that the island was once an important port during 12th -14th Buddhist Era. They also told us that island was influenced by the Hinduism and Mahayana Buddhism. The beads found on this island were unique and could not be seen elsewhere; each of them signified different beliefs and stories told by the locals and the ancient item collectors. The beads were named after their shapes which are similar to animals and plants: for example peacock, zebra, Vomit fruit (Morinda citrifolia), & Takuapa Eye Bead. The technique used to create this work is the color glass melting which is a traditional and interesting technique, shown to people visiting the exhibition. The enormous bead not only creates the new perceptions of the Andaman culture, it also symbolizes the importance and value of the area as the foundation of cultural ecology in the coast of Andaman.”
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Asst. Prof. Dr. Khan Phayungpan, the Director of the Arts and Culture Center also added that “the main mission of the Arts and Culture Center is to conserve art and at the same time be the learning center for Thai arts and cultures and local wisdoms under the development of the local areas, environment and tourism. The ancient bead reminds us about the local wisdoms only found in Andaman; besides, it tells us the story of sea trading route from Persia, Egypt, India, down to Andaman region in the past; this could be an interesting research topic in terms of cultural knowledge development and value addition which would benefit the community.”
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